Aguila De Oro Salon

Then & Now

This project started in 2013 when my Brother and I purchased this building. At the time of purchase is was distressed and had been vacant for 5+ years. It was previously used as a Chinese Buffet but the neighborhood could not support the business. Since its closing it has been sitting vacant, during that time it was broken into, vandalized and robbed of all valuable items.

The Hall idea came from our experience in catering. We have been providing families with food for all types of events, so this was not a stretch to also provide them with a venue. We have installed brand new electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire sprinklers, a/c units, and completely renovated inside and out.

Our goal was to provide a newly renovated building that should bring value and stability to the neighborhood.

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Aguila De Oro Salon

2327 East Van Buren St,

Phoenix, AZ 85006

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